Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water Aerobics Tuesday

I went to water aerobics tonight. It was a killer. I was supposed to take it easy but with the instructor screaming at you to give it your all, it's hard to do things half way. I love water aerobics, its easy on the joints but tough on fat. HA HA HA! I go with a bunch of ladies from my community so it's kind of a gab fest at first but after warm ups are over I hardly talk. I have to concentrate. We really worked out arms tonight and I am feeling it as I type this. SO I am really tired since the water aerobics I go to starts at 9:30 PM and it last an hour. I really like the instructor and kind of have a schedule where we go Tuesday and Thursdays. Its really fun. My picture is me almost asleep, but I hate going to bed with wet hair so I stay awake until it dries. Okay that's it I am sleepy...

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