Friday, May 27, 2011

Pillates vs Yoga

I am such a dummy sometimes. I totally didn't wake up to go to pillates today. I can blame it on my phone not being with me, the alarm clock. That would be really nice, but it was just a case of dum dum dum dum. Well I had to make up for it sometime today so with the kids at play dates I did yoga. Yoga, I love yoga. I was surprised to find that my right hip was seriously tight while my left calf was just as tight. So weird. Also my foot is throbbing now. I have no idea what I did. Still it feels good to exercise. Next friday I am going to comment on how cool pillates is and how wonderful my instructor is, but for now I sure do love my work out video reserve. It feels good and exhausting. I am glad we are exercising because I had no idea how out of shape I am. AHHHH!! Oh yeah be sure to drink lots and lots and lots of water!

Okay we are still waiting on a third of our party... Come on ladies we can do this!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


My choice of exercise today was Dance Dance Revolution. It was so hard. I put it on workout mode and it didn't stop for almost an hour. By the end I was drenched and so tired. Come on over and play any time.

Cold Walking

I went for a walk today. The boys were on their bikes and I just tried to catch up with them. It was a great exercise and they released some energy too. I wish that spay would get rid of his training wheal. He could go so much faster. Math pooped out before I was done so I ended up pushing/pulling him quite a ways. My foot has been hurting since I played on the wii. I hope nothing was permanently damaged. It kills and makes me limp a bit.
I realized that this picture looks just like the other one. I must wear black a lot. :)

My hopes

Well, I did it! I worked out! I am hoping that this blog will motivate me to do it more often than just one time a week (if I even get that). So my workout yesterday was: I went walking for 1 hour with a friend. Then last night I went to Zumba class. Man, Zumba kicks your bumb. I love it though because I get to shake what I was given :).

Hey, if you guys are ever around and want to take a class its 5 dollars to get in. I love the zumba class, but other classes are offered and I think they have a daycare as well.  The zumba class I took last night is taught by Leslie and she is super amazing. The summer classes are listed in the link below.

I'm glad we are doing this because I have no energy at all and no strength to even open a jar of pickles. Lets get out butts into gear!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The wii is not kind

So I started working out today. I used the Wii Fit Plus, I wanted to know my starting BMI and weight. It was so unkind. I am very sad that I know. The worst thing about the WFP is they start you out skinny and plump you up when they tell you your weight and BMI. So mean. Still I did it. I am starting really slow so I only worked out for 35 minutes. I guess I have to start somewhere.  I worked my balance, tummy, arms and back. It was fun to get back onto the balance board though. I need to get my money's worth still :)

I am going to make a exercise playlist soon, I will let you know what songs I choose. I am still waiting for you two to make a post. Get out there an exercise ladies!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011