Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Four: Yoga X

This morning a friend and I went on a walk. I really had a hard time with this because my legs are really killing me from Tuesdays Plyometrics. I did push myself though and made it to Farmington. I could see Lagoon from where I walked to. It was fun to be able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

We had to put off Yoga until tonight because Chris had some huge things that needed to be done for school. I really liked it. I mean there were things that I had a really hard time doing, but it felt so good to stretch out that I didn't care. But! it was 93 minutes. Thats a really long time. I'm glad I stuck with it though and here I am going on to day 5.

( I took a picture, but seriously I can't upload it. Something is wrong with my computer)

I would like to go hiking soon.

Do you know of any good hiking places around me? I was thinking I would head to Antelope Island.

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