Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Want a good work out? Get yourself a crappy mower

Het! So glad you were able to finally join us. I am glad that you posted and look forward to more. I hope this blog can be just that, rambling, ranting, and motivating. Yeah we are all here now, keep up the posts and eventually the pictures will come too...

Today I used my lawn mowing skills to get a good workout. Apparently they had changed my pillates class to today but I completely missed it. I will have to think of something when Friday rolls around. So to complain a little bit, my arms are small at the wrist, but I have some major relief society arms. Its sick. Pushing the lawnmower just confirmed that I seriously need to start lifting weights or start pushing a full stroller up a hill everyday. Also my lawnmower's back wheel stopped working so I was trying to push the lawnmower without lifting it and the back wheel not rollingd. It was really hard and I feel really tired.
But really happy that I hurt, so weird when it comes to working out. You hurt so bad but change it so it feels so good. Now if I can just stop snacking and eating sweets I think I might be able to fit into my "skinny" boot cut jeans again.

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