Friday, May 27, 2011

Pillates vs Yoga

I am such a dummy sometimes. I totally didn't wake up to go to pillates today. I can blame it on my phone not being with me, the alarm clock. That would be really nice, but it was just a case of dum dum dum dum. Well I had to make up for it sometime today so with the kids at play dates I did yoga. Yoga, I love yoga. I was surprised to find that my right hip was seriously tight while my left calf was just as tight. So weird. Also my foot is throbbing now. I have no idea what I did. Still it feels good to exercise. Next friday I am going to comment on how cool pillates is and how wonderful my instructor is, but for now I sure do love my work out video reserve. It feels good and exhausting. I am glad we are exercising because I had no idea how out of shape I am. AHHHH!! Oh yeah be sure to drink lots and lots and lots of water!

Okay we are still waiting on a third of our party... Come on ladies we can do this!

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