Thursday, May 26, 2011

My hopes

Well, I did it! I worked out! I am hoping that this blog will motivate me to do it more often than just one time a week (if I even get that). So my workout yesterday was: I went walking for 1 hour with a friend. Then last night I went to Zumba class. Man, Zumba kicks your bumb. I love it though because I get to shake what I was given :).

Hey, if you guys are ever around and want to take a class its 5 dollars to get in. I love the zumba class, but other classes are offered and I think they have a daycare as well.  The zumba class I took last night is taught by Leslie and she is super amazing. The summer classes are listed in the link below.

I'm glad we are doing this because I have no energy at all and no strength to even open a jar of pickles. Lets get out butts into gear!

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